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Labo Tea (24 Herbal Tea Blend) 900g x 3 Packs

£ 36

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Labo Tea (24 Herbal Tea Blend) 900g x 3 Packs

£ 36

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Herbal tea blend made with herbs grown and harvested in Japan.

Blended with 24 kinds of herbs such as Job's Tears, black soybeans and bamboo leaf. 
Gentle and light, it pairs well with any meals. 

A tablespoon full of this tea can make enough for one litter, 
so you can make a batch and store in the fridge. Cold brewable.

■Set Includes: Labo Tea 300g x 3 Packs
■Ingredients: Barley, Sicklepod, Corn, Job's Tears, Black Soybeans, Chamaecrista Nomame, Hōjicha,
Adzuki Bean, Black Sesame, Bamboo Leaf, Loquat Leaf, Mulberry Leaf, Burdock Tea, Persimmon Tea, 
Chameleon Plant, Sweet Potato Plant, Plantago Asiatica, Common Horsetail, Ginkgo Leaf, Wolfberry Leaf,
Aloe, Ground-Ivy, Lingzhi Mushroom

■Place of Origin: Barley (Saga, Mie), Sicklepod (Saga, Mie), Corn (Okayama), Job's Tears (Saga, Mie), 
Black Soybeans (Aomori), Chamaecrista Nomame (Shimane), Hōjicha (Kagoshima), Adzuki Bean (Aomori), 
Black Sesame (Hokkaido), Bamboo Leaf (Nagano), Loquat Leaf (Kumamoto), Mulberry Leaf (Gunma), 
Burdock Tea (Miyazaki, Kumamoto), Persimmon Tea (Tokushima), Chameleon Plant (Tokushima), 
Sweet Potato Plant (Kumamoto), Plantago Asiatica (Nagano), Common Horsetail (Hyogo), Ginkgo Leaf (Fukuoka), 
Wolfberry Leaf (Kumamoto), Aloe (Shizuoka), Ground-Ivy (Tokushima), Lingzhi Mushroom (Kumamoto)

■Weight (Including Packaging): 900g
■How to serve:
【Teapot】Put 1-2 tablespoon of the tea leaves in a teapot, pour hot water and steep for a couple of minutes.
【Kettle】Put 1-2 tablespoon of the tea leaves in a sachet, add 2L of water and bring it to boil. Steep for 10-15 minutes.
【Cold-Brew】Put 1-2 tablespoon of the tea leaves in a sachet, put 1L of filtered water and the sachet in a pitcher. 
  Leave for 4-5 hours at room temperature or overnight in a fridge.  
■Note: Use up the tea within 3 months once opened. 
■Storage: Avoid high temperature/humidity and store in a cool place.
■Brand: Herb Laboratory
■Manufacturer: Herb Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Item No. V05885999028
Jan: 4582502760010

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