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Lemosco 60g

£ 4
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Yamato Foods


Lemosco 60g

£ 4

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【Hiroshima Brand Certified Product】【Setonai Brand Certified Product】 

This Japanese style hot sauce is additive-free and brings out the best in lemons. Quality ingredients were specifically chosen to create a delicious combination of sour and hot that you have never tasted before. Ingredients include [Hiroshima Lemons] from Setonai, [Fishers’ Seaweed Salt] from Kamikokari Island, green chilis from Kyushu, and vinegar. It is a simple recipe but gives the perfect final touch you need for your dish, whether it be meat, fish, pasta, or salad. 

Hiroshima is the Japan’s largest producer of lemons. Enjoy the juicy flavor of Hiroshima lemons, grown in the warm climate of Setonai sea. 

The salt was made using a traditional technique called Mojio-yaki, which roasts seaweed and seawater to bring out salt rich in umami. 

Chilis ,ade in Kyushu have a deep scent and refreshing spiciness. It creates a balanced but addictive taste when combined with lemon, creating a put-together sauce. 

■Ingredients: Lemon juice, red pepper, brewed vinegar, salt, lemon peel

■Content: 60g

■Content (including packaging): 165g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: Pour over any dish (deep fried and fried dishes, pasta, salads) to add a sour and slight spicy twist. Also tastes great with steak, BBQ, seafood, pizza, nabe, fish, Chinese food, and of course, oyster. 

■Precautions: After opening, store in the refrigerator and finish as soon as possible. Close the lid firmly and shake before using. There may be lumps of lemon, but there is no effect in quality.

■Storing: Store in room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight. After opening, store in the refrigerator (10℃ or under) and finish as soon as possible.

■Manufacturer: Yamato Foods, Co.

Item No. V00809999028
Jan: 4582223524502

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Lemosco 60g 5

Post date 22/04/2019 Monday
Discovered this when visiting Hiroshima, apart from the historical significance of Hiroshima this is the best thing ever......

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