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  9. [Langue de Chat]Kyoto Fuwari (6 servings)


[Langue de Chat]Kyoto Fuwari (6 servings)

£ 6

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Nakano Shuzo


[Langue de Chat]Kyoto Fuwari (6 servings)

£ 6

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Sesame flavored Langue de Chats made at Ishida-Roho in Kyoto. Matcha butter cream is sandwiched by sesame cookies. This Japan-Western fusion snack uses golden sesames carefully chosen by a sesame sommelier. Enjoy the harmony of golden sesame and matcha green tea. 

■Ingredients: Flour, butter, egg white, green tea cream, sugar, margarine, golden sesame, shortening, black sesame, coloring (charcoal, gardenia), emulsifier (soybean origin), baking powder, fragrance

■Content: 18g×6

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: Take out of the package and eat as it is

■Precautions: After opening, finish within one or two days.

■Storing: Store in a cool dark place at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight. 

■Manufacturer: Ishida Roho, Co.

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Item No. V01210999028

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